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Over 25 collective years consulting and working on Texas wildfire-related matters, investigating cause and origin, estimating losses in rangeland forage, forest trees, and ecosystem services. 
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Wildfire Prevention & Investigation
Texas Wildfire Authority: What we do.

Wildland fires burn millions of acres each year, cost billions of dollars, damage homes and critical natural resources, and result in deaths. The size and intensity of wildland fires have increased in recent decades, partly due to climate change, and many scientists and researchers expect fires to become larger and more severe in the future.

As wildfire consultants we service landowners, communities, and organizations by conducting field investigations of cause and origin, and consultation and estimation of effects of wildfires on natural resources, such as loss of forage for livestock and impacts to vegetation and wildlife. We also assist in creating prescribed burn plans, and consulting on land use planning to reduce the risk of wildfires.  

We service government agencies, landowners, communities, and organizations and assist in both identifying wildfire causes and affects and developing wildfire risk assessments, creating mitigation strategies, implementing presecribed burns, and offering advice on land use planning to reduce the risk of wildfires.

We help minimize the impact of wildfires on properties and communities while promoting safety and enviromental conservation.
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What We Do
Wildfire Consultation Services


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Why Choose Texas Wildfire Authority?

We are the state's most experienced private consultants in wildfire impacts and prescribed fire planning.

As a wildfire authority our services are offer overseeing and managing wildfire-related matters within our specific region to coordinate efforts aimed at preventing, responding to, investigating, and mitigating wildfires.

Our responsibilities  include:

Fire Prevention:
Developing and implementing strategies to reduce the risk of wildfires through activities like public education, fire bans, and enforcing regulations on activities that could lead to wildfires.

Fire Suppression:
Organizing and deploying firefighting resources, such as fire crews, equipment, and aircraft, to combat wildfires when they occur.

Emergency Response:
Coordinating emergency response efforts during wildfire events, including evacuations and providing assistance to affected communities.

Ensuring that communities are prepared for wildfire events by conducting drills, creating evacuation plans, and maintaining communication systems.

Research & Monitoring:
Conducting research on wildfire behavior, weather patterns, and fuel conditions to better understand and predict wildfire behavior.

Environmental Protection:
Implementing measures to protect ecosystems and wildlife habitats during and after wildfires.

Our primary goal is to manage wildfires effectively to protect lives, property, and the environment.
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Texas Wildfire

Unparalleled experience and certifications servicing landowners, communities, and government agencies.
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